Scholar One and the AE Role

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Using Scholar One

  • If you don't already have an account on Scholar One you need to create one. The entry-point for the system spans quite a few IEEE publications, and so it is possible that you have an account already.
  • Part of the logging in process is selection of the journal, here, IEEE Security & Privacy.
  • Scholar One has an extensive system of on-line training and referencing material. You can [look here] for both video and written documentation.

Thumbnail Sketch on Using Scholar One to Find and Assign A Reviewer

When you first log in to Scholar One you are brought to your Editor dashboard, which looks something like the image below.

Editor Dashboard Entry View

The Editor Lists on the left describes the state of various activities associated with your role. For this walk-through the point of interest is the 1 task to assign a reviewer. Click on the "Select Reviewers" item and you are given a list of papers which need still to have reviewers assigned.

View of papers needing assignment of reviewers

In this example there is only one paper. Details about the paper and author are presented, but are redacted here. To carry through on the reviewer assignment task, click on the "Take Action" box which above is highlighted with a red arrow. This brings you to a page you use to find reviewers.

Reviewer identification page

The search box highlighted with a red arrow on the left allows you to look for a reviewer who may have already an account in Scholar One. A list of publications for which the thought-of-reviewer might have an account is highlighted here as well. It may be that the person you seek does not have an account, and Scholar One makes it possible for you to create one, with the entry point of that processing being highlighted on the right with another red arrow.

Following through with the search, after entering a name (here a last name) you hit carriage return or click on the 'search' symbol below, and are given a list of matches, such as seen below.

List of reviewers found who match the search criteria

To see information about a potential reviewer who comes up in the search, click on the magnifying glass icon highlighted above with a red arrow. This brings up a page describing past history of the reviewer, such as below.

Past reviewing history of potential reviewer

To select the reviewer for the next stage (this will not yet make the assignment final) you click on one of the 'plus' icons with the label "Add to list", highlighted above with red arrows. This brings you back to the earlier page where reviewers are selected (because with only one reviewer you aren't yet done!) The graphic below shows the portion of the page where your selection is represented.

Next step in inviting potential reviewer

To cause the assignment to be made so that the potential reviewer receives an invitation by email and Scholar One knows about the assignment, you click on the check mark next to the "Invite" label, as highlighted with the red area.

The final step in the reviewer assignment occurs after clicking on the check box. A draft version of an email to be sent to the reviewer pops up, as illustrated below.

Review request email template

You can edit the email, and when ready to send click on the checkbox next to the label "Save and Send". To the recipient the email will appear to have come from the source 'IEEE Security & Privacy'.


Scholar One is a feature-rich piece of software. To reduce the slope of the learning curve we've stepped through the process of assigning one reviewer. With a certain amount of experimenting, and even (gasp!) consulting the documentation and videos that accompany the software, I expect you'll be able to navigate through communicating recommendations to me.

If you have questions feel free to contact the EIC David Nicol (