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Welcome to the IEEE Security and Privacy Information Pages

This site was created to provide answers to frequently asked questions and detailed descriptions of important processes – for editors, reviewers and authors.

IEEE S&P Overview

We publicize the following statement on the IEEE S&P website

IEEE Security & Privacy magazine’s mission is to be the best source of reliable, useful, peer-reviewed information for those aiming to understand how systems, data, and people are protected in a world of rapid technology evolution. This bimonthly magazine publishes articles that have clarity and context, targeting a wide audience who understand technology, from developers to executives, managers to policy makers, and researchers interested in problems with practical impact. Peer-reviewed articles and columns by real-world experts illuminate all aspects of the field, including systems, attacks and defenses, software security, applied cryptography, usability, forensics, big data, ethics, biometrics, and more, with special issues focusing on targeted topics as well as issues devoted to key events and conferences.

This statement means that

  • articles should not be like a research paper (or journal papers) that are focused on details. Articles should provide insights about a subject by considering and evaluating different approaches based on certain criteria: for instance an article can implement a number of schemes used for smart contracts and compare and evaluate them. S&P is interested in the general added value rather than a very specific and scientific article. An example would be a paper that systematization of the existing literature and provide "recommendations" of what one could do to tackle the problems of the existing work, not worked out proposals of solving that problem.
  • Some subjects could be a "point of view" or a "position" article. For example, someone may raise a valid criticism to a current security policy issue. Usually these are Column Articles and are sent to the Department Editors.
  • There are always exceptions. If there is any question of whether a paper fits these criteria or would otherwise be of interest to IEEE S&P, we recommend contacting the EIC.

Editorial Board

The current Editorial Board is listed here