Guidelines for Proposing a Special Issue

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Special Issues[edit]

IEEE S&P uses special issues as a way bringing current topics to the forefront of readers' attention. At all times we encourage proposals. A proposal ought to include

  • Proposed Area and Title
  • Who you see as the audience for the special issue
  • Who is currently publishing in the proposed area
  • How you will recruit authors, and who are some likely authors for the issue
  • A draft call-for-papers
  • Proposed Guest Editor (s)
    • A description of your and any co-editor, experience in serving as an editor and or reviewer for magazines like Security and Privacy as well as your expertise in this topic area
    • Typically we require there be a co-editor who has experience with the IEEE S&P process for special issues. If you can identify a co-editor with such experience please do so, otherwise the IEEE S&P board will find a co-editor for accepted proposals

Send proposals to the IEEE S&P Editor-in-Chief

The EIC will forward the proposal to the Associated Editor in Chief responsible for special issues, who will become your main point of contact with us. You may expect a response within approximately one month of the proposal submission.